need 2 get my mind off this person

to this day i will never forget the time i was having sex with this kid and i squirted and he literally went “what is that” like thanks ok don’t finish a girl and not be prepared for the consequences do you even watch porn at all

how you gonna go from texting me kissy faces and paragraphs about what you like about me and then not wanna hook up anymore the moment I show any interest in return. I wouldn’t mind but I didn’t even like the guy at first. the world is cruel but at least I rarely feel any emotions about anything.



Ravish Me Set in White

The desire to own this is strong. T-T


*breaks down your front door* i just shaved my legs feel them


Wanted to draw her for a long time, so there you go!!



does coldplay still exist

yeah people coldplay as batman, loki, all sorts :)


Smackin’ dat ass.

Idk why I even care it’s so dumb. I don’t care.

Anonymous: why u still weighing urself

because i struggle with an eating disorder