I just want to move to japan and get away from all this secondhand embarrassment and people irritating me

I keep throwing up every time I eat anything I can’t keep it down even a McDonald’s burger the other night my favorite food and I got sick from it what is happening here


"But mooooom I’m not even dirty!"


this is important to me

oh my goD


today papa john’s called my starbucks and they were like “are u guys interested in a trade” and five frappuccinos later they gave us two large pizzas and a large order of cheesy bread

her eyes gleamed dully, like flickering zippo lighters at a rock concert wielded by the shaky hands of drunk, rawdy men with beer stains on their tshirts. there was a sadness about her, as if she were out of her time, the only dented zippo lighter left in a sea of iphones, yellow and somber against their bright led screens, running out of fluid and waiting with bated breath for the inevitable moment when the concert ended and she would be tossed aside and trampled into the ground. she looked disposable, pathetic. she was a relic, a symbol of a time where she had once been able to shine, a time that was long gone, remembered only in the addled brains of old men too senile to tell stories to their grandkids, romanticized through the breathy whispers of teens insisting that yes, they were born in the wrong decade, that those glory days they read about in rolling stone magazine were where they truly belonged. but she alone knows that if they had been born in that time, they would have felt just as alone and alienated and misunderstood as they did here and now.

if one moderately embarrassing text incident made this guy stop talking to me then he clearly would not have been able to even fathom my personality as a whole. on a scale of weirdness the texts i sent him were like level 1 or 2. baby stuff. and if that stopped him then my actual behavior, in real life, especially when i’m around my friends, would have made him run away in terror. i can say with with complete honesty that i have made the creepy guys who text you at 3am respond with “wtf”. i need someone who embraces that behavior, not a guy who shuns the slightest degree of it because it doesn’t fit into his standard of women. so even though he was cute and we had a lot of shared interests and i felt like i connected with him deeply after a several year long string of short, mostly sexual relationships, he was not worth it in the end.