every meal every day is a struggle lately

james mcavoy could give me one good look and I would probably ride that orgasm straight to my grave

I’ve hooked up with 10’s and 2’s and women and men and the worst people and the best and I found like no pleasure in any of it so I think I’m just going to label myself as asexual and live a quiet life in a cave somewhere where I can meditate and eat as much cheese as I want.

I think I’m an empty husk that uses carnal pleasure to steal the souls of men. I also think I’m asexual. Or maybe I just want to be abstinent forever from now until I die.

you’re not really a good friend to me at all.





everyone play that dragon game it is A+

what dragon game

this dragon game

everyone play this dragon game

Anonymous: your so beautiful inside and out and your stronger than the disease. your more than that. stay positive bby

aw thank u thank u i have my moments but messages like this really make my day *kiss for you*