my dad

used to put me on a scale and weigh me and then tell me to lose weight. not even 6 fucking years old, i was so small. a bird without feathers. and i absolutely adored him, i loved him and wanted to be just like him and i listened to everything he said because at the time he was my dad and my hero and i didn’t know any better. i didn’t know about anorexia, bulimia, fat, thin. i didn’t care, either. when he asked me to go the whole day without eating i did it because he was my dad and kids just do what their dad’s say. i always listened to him. when he told me i was fat, i listened. when he told me i wouldn’t be pretty if i didn’t lose weight, i listened. and when he told me he loved me and i’d always be his little girl, i listened to that too.

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