my english teacher

is a fucking cunt and she stereotyped me the moment i walked into her fucking supa english class. she told my guidance counselor on the second day of school she didn’t think i was “fit for the class.” the second day of school. how the fuck can she decide that when we hadn’t even had our first assignment yet? i switched out of her class like she fucking wanted me to but she’s still my teacher just in regular english and literally all year she has refused toclimb out of my ass, always emailing my mom telling her i’m a bad student and she doesn’t think i’m going anywhere, giving me shitty fucking grades on essays because she doesn’t like my opinions even though they’repersuasive essays and you can’t just fucking fail a kid because you don’t agree with what they think. she even writes sassy little side comments in the margins basically saying i’m wrong even though my essays are always good and well-written i get bad fucking grades because she can’t get the stick out of her ass. fuck high school english.

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